Officer and Other Ranks 1890

This print by Simkin shows the regiment skirmishing. They are wearing the spiked helmet which is made of cork with dark green cloth covering. The spike and badge are of blackened brass for the other ranks but bronze for the officer. The chin chain is also blacked brass. The men's equipment consists of a black leather belt with a leather pouch for ammunition. They have a black webbing strap over their right shoulder to support the haversack. In the line infantry regiments this item is white. The man kneeling on the right has a water-bottle but no visible means of supporting it. None of the men has a strap over his left shoulder for a water-bottle as would be expected. Their rifles are Martini Henrys and they have sword-type bayonets 22 inches long.

The men's jackets are serge frocks for campaigning and marching order. They have 5 black buttons down the front whereas the full dress tunic had 7. The collar is red with black lace around the top, and the cuff has a line of red braid with a single loop. The officer wears a dark green patrol jacket which is very similar to full dress jacket but has broad flat black mohair on the cuffs and around the edge. There are five rows of black frogging across the chest. The collar and cuffs are red. The pouch-belt is of black patent leather with silver mounts. He is armed only with a sword on field days such as this; on campaign he would have a pistol. All ranks have their trousers tucked into black leather gaiters

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