Captain, Full Dress c1902

The Dress Regulations of 1900 state that the plume on the front of the KRRC busby should be, 'Scarlet ostrich feathers, a black vulture feather bottom in a bronze corded ball socket, threaded pattern, three upright flames. The height of the plume from the top of the busby is 7 inches.'

The artist Harry Payne has reversed the colours, with a black plume on scarlet vulture feathers. In 1891 the regulations stipulated a black plume over scarlet, but the black plume was of egret feathers. Later paintings of the regiment confirm that the last full dress of the regiment agreed with the 1900 DR, so perhaps Harry Payne made a mistake here.

This painting is certainly post 1901 as the badge has the King Edward VII crown on the badge. This was short lived because in 1906 the regiment reverted to the pre-1881 badge of the 60th Rifles with Victorian crown. The other date clue is the jacket, which has captain's bronze rank badges on the shoulder but no braid figuring on the collar and cuff. This ornate braided rank distinction was discontinued after 1901.

The badge on his busby appears to be a bronze Maltese cross, with crown, below the black corded oval boss. On the boss itself a silver crown. The Dress Regulations clearly indicate a bronze Maltese cross without a crown. No mention is made of the crown on the boss. However a silver crown was worn on the field cap, but on a scarlet boss. The photo of Prince Philippe taken c1888 shows the badge with separate crown on the boss, whether they are bronze or silver is difficult to tell. His plume is of the black egret variety.

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by Stephen Luscombe