Khaki Uniform Group 1910

This group photo was taken in Cairo. The hot climate service dress is pale khaki, and no belts or equipment are worn. The collar has no badges but there are regimental KRR titles on the shoulders, probably of bronze. The buttons look as if they are black, similar to those on the full dress uniform. The rank chevrons are worn on both sleeves, black on red cloth. The lower left sleeve has good conduct stripes in some cases. Two types of marksman proficiency badge are visible, one dark, the other with pale embroidered rifles. The helmet has one end of the black leather chin-strap attached to the top of the helmet at the back. This agrees with the 1892 photo of the Maxim gun section. The bronze helmet badge is on a scarlet cloth backing.

The officer, in a peaked forage cap, holds a telescope. His cap has a khaki cloth cover but the black cap-band can be seen, with the scarlet boss and bugle badge. His uniform is of better quality and has pocket flaps with pointed corners. The buttons and rank badges are bronze.

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by Stephen Luscombe