Officers' Astrakan Busbies 1912 and c1900

The right hand busby, c1900, has the Victorian crown on the black corded oval boss at the front. Below this is the Maltese cross badge, without a crown. Both badges have a red cloth backing although the crown's backing is made to look like the red cushion inside the crown. The left hand cap is dated 1912 and has the blackened bronze badges without red cloth backing, and the crown is the King's Crown. Both have scarlet ostrich plumes but the one on the 1912 cap is taller. The 1900 Dress Regulations stipulated a height of 7 inches from top of the ostrich plume to bottom of the bronze corded ball socket.

The black square cords are barely visible against the black Persian Lambskin, but they fall across the front, sewn to the cap, in a plait, attached at the sides of the cap where there is a small bronze bugle badge. The cords end in a knot at the back and attach to a bronze ring from which they hang down and go around the neck of the officer. The top of the cap is of green cloth with a figured ornament in black mohair. Both busbies courtesy of Bosleys Auctioneers.

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by Stephen Luscombe