Guard Mounting

The riflemen on guard duty are in full dress wearing the sealskin busby which now has a red over black plume and a red cord boss on the front with a small crown badge. Some of the men have good conduct stripes on their left fore-arm and the nearest man has a marksman badge in gold embroidery. The man on the other end of the line is a bugler whose shoulder wings distinguish him from the others.

The officer inspecting them, probably the adjutant, wears the peaked forage cap with a red boss and bugle badge, and leather chinstrap above the peak. His jacket is the patrol jacket with inch wide mohair braid on the cuff instead of the Austrian cord knot that decorates the dress jacket. He is dressed for mounted duty with boots and breeches.

The Battalion Sergeant Major, behind the adjutant is in dress uniform apart from his forage cap. His uniform is similar to officer dress, and he has a pouch-belt that now has a badge in the middle. He does not have thick shoulder cords like the officers, but more simple twisted cords with no badge of rank on them. His coat-of-arms rank badge is to be seen on his right fore-arm. Both the BSM and the officer wear black leather gloves and have swords carried in similar fashion.

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