Officer in Undress, 1879

The photo is of Sub-Inspector Edmund Dalrymple Clarke in the undress uniform introduced in 1876. The colour illustration next to it is based on this photo and on the photo of Commissioner Macleod. He was appointed Paymaster in 1873 and Quartermaster in 1874. He took part in the March West. He was appointed Superintendent in July 1879, four months after this photo was taken, but died of fever on 2nd October 1880 at Fort Walsh.

This undress jacket is quite plain, scarlet except for the blue collar. It fastens down the front with hooks and eyes. There is a gold lace edging and gold gimp knot on the sleeve. The only buttons are on the twisted shoulder cords and are gilt. The design on them is a buffalo head under a crown with 'Canada' and 'NWMP'. His blue breeches have a broad yellow cloth stripe and his boots are black leather. He has a blue pillbox forage cap with gold lace headband and a gold braid edge and top decoration. see Officer's Undress Pillbox Cap.

The pouchbelt is plain brown leather with a black leather binoculars case on his back. see pouchbelts. The sabretache was only worn in mounted order both in undress and full dress. It is black leather having a gilt badge with a silver buffalo head in the middle.

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