RNWMP Inspector in Full Dress, 1910

The gold lace belts were introduced into the officer's full dress in 1890. At the same time the collar and cuffs were dark blue and a badge worn on the collar instead of the rank badges which moved to the gold shoulder cords. He wears blue trousers for dismounted duties instead of breeches and white gloves instead of gauntlets.

The painting is a bit of a puzzle; the majority of the evidence points to it being an RNWMP officer, but the helmet has the NWMP helmet plate. Of course, that in itself was not a big deal, for if indeed the painting was done from a photograph, NWMP helmet plates were undoubtedly worn for a considerable period of time after the name changed to RNWMP. The photograph used by the artist may well have been one of Insp. Hefferman in full dress; which is strikingly similar to the painting.

The RNWMP helmet plate {which today are extremely rare} was the same size as the other ranks cap badge. The sword would appear to be the pattern 1896, and the officer is wearing collar badges, which weren't introduced until after 1900. As you noted, the blue was adopted after the name changed to RNWMP.

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by Stephen Luscombe