Superintendent in Review Order, 1967

Until around 1973, Review Order - called for breeches, long boots and, as required either:

stripped officers' pattern Sam Browne or full officers' pattern Sam Browne with sword and leather scabbard. The felt had was worn only if the officer was on parade with other ranks, otherwise the cap was worn.

Full Dress called for overalls and half-Wellington boots and box spurs, gold shoulder boards. In addition, as the situation required. the following applied:

- the gold sword belt and slings and sword with nickel scabbard and gold knot. The sword was to be removed and slings looped before the member entered a mess.


- Gold sword belt without slings

The yellow banded forage cap is still in use however. Superintendents have gold braid on the peak, ranks above that have varying amounts of embroidered maple leaf (see Commissioner Zaccardelli)

Regulations for officers' caps are:

Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner - Two rows of gold maple leaf embroidery on the lower edge of peak.

Assistant Commissioner and Chief Superintendent - One row of gold maple leaf embroidery on the lower edge of the peak.

All other officers - plain gold embroidery, three quarters of an inch wide, on the lower edge of the peak. In the late 1970's, the "gold" was replaced by "perma-gold."

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