Constable's Uniform, c1980

The constable's uniform tunic is still referred to as Scarlet Serge which was the name given to the undress tunic in the 19th century. The only blue parts are the gorgets on the collar and the shoulder straps. Since 1975 the letters GRC have been added, in an arc shape, to the RCMP brass title on the shoulder strap. There are five yellow metal buttons down the front, one on each breast pocket. two smaller ones on the shoulders and two on each cuff. The Sam Browne belt is put on the left shoulder for ranks below Sergeant Major. There are, here, two pouches on the belt; the ammunition pouch is next to the holster and the handcuffs pouch is on the left side. His white pistol lanyard is put under the shoulder straps.

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by Stephen Luscombe