Corps of Guides

Officer and Sepoy, c1880

The officer is dressed like some of the figures in the group photo British Officers at Kabul 1880. His jacket is the undress frock with no visible breast pockets although there seems to be a hip pocket flap just below his waistbelt. He has a slim leather ammunition belt parallel with his pouchbelt. This is a Sam Browne belt worn on the left shoulder instead of the right. It agrees with one of the figures in the group, seated second from the left. In both cases a pistol holster is carried on the waistbelt. The sepoy is in marching order. He has a red fold-down collar edged with drab lace. The guides wore these red facings after becoming a 'Queen's Own' regiment in 1876. This garment is a short kutra. It has sewn-on slots for ammunition on the chest. His turban is khaki with red kullah. Native shoes were worn at this time.

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by Stephen Luscombe