5th Gurkhas

Officers, 1880

There are puzzling differences between the uniforms in this group. The two seated on the left are in full dress jackets, but the one on the left with a full beard has black velvet cuffs while the other officer does not. The pouchbelts have the 8 pointed star of the 5th, but the chains vary in length. Sword knots appear to be optional. At this time the British officers wear pillbox caps like the native officers. This is probably only an undress item, but photos of a later date shows British officers as wearing either the full dress helmet or the field service cap.

The three officers on the right are in patrol jackets. These are not very practical as they do not have pockets. The man standing at the back wears the poshteen or Afghan coat as worn by hippies in the 1970s.

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by Stephen Luscombe