Captain H M Mackenzie c1878

Captain Mackenzie served in the 9th Bengal Cavalry from 1873 to 1889. He fought with the regiment at Suakin and was the senior officer in charge of the squadron that remained in Suakin when the rest of the 9th went home.

This is a rare photo of the uniform as worn c1878. The kurta is blue with shoulder chains that are straight and probably adapted from curb chains as used on bridles. The collar has red piping around the edge. This is an undress garment and was replaced by khaki around 1880. The pouchbelt is plain brown leather without pickers and chains since the regiment was cavalry and not lancers.

The turban at this time was red with gold and white stripes on one side with a red and gold pointed kullah showing at the top. His kummerbund is red with embroidery on the ends hanging on his right side. The white breeches are worn with black Napoleon boots.

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