Skinner's Horse

British Officers, c1862

Three officers wear a form of undress uniform worn on campaign. The jacket is quilted and probably yellow. The two on the right have a black leather pouchbelt with silver chains and pickers while the similarly dressed officer on the left has a gold full dress pouchbelt. The two right-hand officers carry watches on chains, one tucked into a breast pocket and the other into his kummerbund. The kummerbunds differ in that the right hand man has a longer more ornate version that the other two. They all three have a white helmet with gilt spike and coloured pagri, and white breeches and black Napoleon boots. The swords differ from officer to officer. The one on the left has a straight sword, the one leaning on the horse has a curved mameluke and the one on the right has a less curved sword without a guard. The right-hand man has a very low slung undress sabretache with a badge in the middle while the next man has his slung higher and no badge. The left-hand officer has no sabretache atall. The fourth officer wears mess dress. We know from the later type of mess dress that the jacket was yellow with black velvet collar and cuffs, laced in gold but we cannot say that this man is wearing such a jacket. The waistcoat and trousers are black with gold lace. It is not clear whether the groom on the extreme left wears uniform or not.

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by Stephen Luscombe