Skinner's Horse

Officer's Full Dress

This uniform was worn by both British and Indian officers. The yellow garment is called a kurta and is faced with black velvet. The decoration is of gold lace and russia braid, some of which is on red cloth (see details). The only difference between the unifom worn by Indian and British officers was in the badge on the waistbelt (compare Risaldar Majr Abdul Gaffar Khan with pictures of the Officer's Full Dress Waistbelt). This uniform is the later type which had slits up the side of the kurta instead of opening all the way down the front. Also the badges on the waistbelt and pouchbelt are 1 DYO instead of 1 BL (see Pouchbelts). this puts this uniform as having been worn between 1903 and 1937. The head-dress is called a lungi consisting of a black and gold cloth and the pointed cap in the middle called a kullah. The cloth hung down the back and this was called a paloo.

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