Skinner's Horse

British Officer's Mess Kit

This ornate outfit was worn when the weather was cooler during the winter months. The jacket is yellow with black velvet collar and cuffs. The gold lace was 1" wide (one and a half inches for field officers) and went round the top of the collar and front edge, down the edge of the open front and along the bottom. It also edged the pointed cuffs. The base of the collar was traced with gold chain gimp. There was black piping along the back seams of the jacket, from two gold lace 'dummies' situated on the gold edging near the middle of the back, up to the shoulders. The waistcoat was a thing of beauty. It was black velvet richly decorated with gold chain gimp and gold russia braid. The gimp formed five rows across the chest, short at the top, becoming longer towards the bottom, with gold olivets in the middle. The front edges fastened with hooks and eyes. A stiff white collar would be worn beneath the waistcoat collar showing about a quarter of an inch. These items were worn with gold-striped black overalls (see Officers in Mess Dress and Undress).

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