Skinner's Horse

Officers in Mess Dress and Undress

The man on the left wears mess dress as worn in winter, the summer version was a white jacket with black piping worn over a yellow cashmir kummerbund. This yellow mess jacket and black waistcoat are described in detail (see British Officer's Mess Kit). They are worn with black overalls, black patent leather wellington boots and straight gilt spurs. The field service cap can be seen in the photo of Col Chapman and is mostly of black cloth with yellow upper part.

The right-hand officer is taken from a photo of Major H Roberts when acting as Honorary ADC to the Prince of Wales on his visit to India in 1905. The Prince was Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment as from 1899 when he was Duke of York. Major Roberts wears a peaked forage cap which has a white cover. When this is taken off the cap is dark blue with yellow lancer welts up the front, back and sides and round the edge of the top. The capband is yellow and the peak is edged in gold wire. The blue serge frock has a yellow collar and silver shoulder chains. The full dress pouchbelt and sword slings are worn and he has ADC's gold cord aiguilettes attached to his right shoulder.

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