20th Punjabis

Subadar-Major, 1882

These two officers served in the Egyptian campaign of 1882 and were present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir. They are Subadar-Major Molladad Khan of the 20th (standing) and Risaldar-Major Jahour Khan of the 6th Bengal Cavalry. The picture was taken on 24th November 1883 on the occasion of their receipt of the CIE from Queen Victoria. At this time, indian officers in some Punjab regiments wore the tunic which later came to be worn only by British officers. It is drab coloured with green facings. The green was a dull olive green where later in was a brighter emerald green. This officer featured in a print by O Norie depicting the Indian troops who took part in the Eguptian campaign (see Subadar-Major 1882).

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