83rd Light Infantry

Maxim Gun Section 1916

This photo, taken in July 1916, in Secunderabad where the 83rd were stationed shows the maxim gun section, commanded by Lieut R E Greenhouse and Subedar Abdul Hussein. The two officers sit in the middle wearing khaki tunics and Sam Browne belts with two shoulder straps. The subedar has shorts and puttees, and a closed collar tunic that has badges on the collar. His pagri does not appear to have a green fringe like the ones worn by the other ranks. Lt Greenhouse has a helmet in his lap with a green patch and badge on the side. His tunic is open at the neck, with lapels and white shirt and tie.

The other ranks who are Punjabi Christians all wear a kurta and stand collar without badges. Their pagris have a green fringe showing on top and a khaki pointed kullah. The brown leather waistbelt has a bayonet attached in the left side. A Havildar sits on the left of the photo with chevrons on the right sleeve only, and a red sash on his right shoulder. The Naik on the other end has two stripes on his right arm.

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by Stephen Luscombe