83rd Light Infantry

Band 1916

The bandsmen wear scarlet full dress kurtas with a green facing colour down the front on which are 3 brass buttons. There is an embroidered band badge on the right sleeve and some men have white chevrons on their left fore-arm for good conduct. They have blue trousers and white leggings. Instead of turbans, they have undress glengarry caps which are green and have a badge on one side. Around their waist is a green kummerbund that has white stripes and fringe, with a brown leather belt worn on top. The bandmaster has a scarlet tunic with badges on his collar. He also has a peaked forage cap. The British officer is Lieutenant Greenhouse who was adjutant at the time. His white helmet has the badge on the side with a green patch. His tunic has green facings and gold lace, with no badges on the collar.

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by Stephen Luscombe