Queen's Royal Lancers

Non-Commissioned Officers

Four NCOs form the guidon party of the Queen's Royal Lancers as they look today. On the left is the Regimental Sergeant Major. His uniform is almost identical to an officer's ie. the 17th officer's pouch belt, the flatter forage cap with gold laced peak, longer cut tunic without white flashes on the collar and he carries a sword. The man carrying the guidon is a Warrent Officer Class 2 and is flanked by two Staff Sergeants. Their forage caps are the former 16th/5th style but they have the 17th Motto. The yellow cap lines have no czapka to attach to, so the end fastens to a tunic button just above the girdle. The badge on their collars is that of the 16th/5th. The guidon belt has a silver belt plate with the 17th Motto, obscured here by the Guidon carrier's right arm. The guidon displays the Queen's crown and cypher surrounded by 48 battle honours.

Queen's Lancers: Uniforms | Regimental details


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by Stephen Luscombe