"Butcher" The Balaklava Mare 1873

This photo reproduced in the Regimental History by Barrett, is titled 'Butcher' The Balaclava Mare, Presented to HM Queen Victoria 1873. The men in the photo are all veterans of the Crimean War, named from the left: Private Hunt, Private Malaufy, Sgt-Maj Hughes. Holding the mare's bridle is Private Douglas, then Private lamb and on the right, Sgt-Maj Eccles.

The horses of the 13th had to be sold before leaving Canada in 1869. The English horses sold for less than those that had been purchased in Canada. On of the horses, number A36 was a 23 year-old mare which had been wounded in the Charge of the Light Brigade. This horse must have been the only troop horse to be shipped home because it was given to the CO, Col Jenyns, by the government. When Jenyns handed over command to Lt-Col Maclean in 1871 he also handed over the mare. For some reason Maclean thought it fitting to present her to the Queen in 1873. Her Majesty accepted the gift and 'expressed her desire that their old Crimean Favourite should be kept in comfort for the rest of her days.'

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