Sergeant W D Tassie DCM

Sergeant Tassie of 'D' Squadron received the DCM for his coolness and courage in bringing up ammunition when the transport animals were shot down.

Captain Eve wrote on 6th Feb 1917: "Then the only bad thing that I saw happened. They tried to send our ammunition pack-horses up to us across the open. They got to within 200 yards and then got properly caught by Maxim-gun fire. The men got hit and the horses loose, and then the poor beasts stood, just being shot to death, one going after another. Sergeant Tassie on his own, and I think young Stirling did too, ran out to them across the open, and succeeded in getting one in, and he then went back and brought in ammunition off a horse that had been killed. It was a very fine thing, and I have pushed in his name for a DCM."

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by Stephen Luscombe