Survivors of the Charge 26th Oct 1854

Pioneering photographer Roger Fenton went to the Crimea and gave us a very rare glimpse of how war used to be. This is a photograph of some of the 13th's survivors of the famous Charge of the Light Brigade at the battle of Balaklava. Most of the soldiers can be identified: On the extreme left, half hidden is Cornet F.L. Michael, next, clean-shaven Cornet D.T. Chamberlayne, at the back, Pte. Morrisey, then Sgt. Joe Malone VC. Standing in frock coat with a cigar is the Adjutant Cornet G. Gardener, next, the blurred figure is Captain P.S. Smith, then two unknowns. The tall man with a bushy beard and frock coat is Lt.-Col. C.E. Doherty. Behind his shoulder is Sgt. Mulcahy. the next three standing men are unidentified, but the seated figure is Capt. S.G. Jenyns who became commanding officer in 1861. The next standing man, clean- shaven with a crown over his stripes is Troop Sergeant-Major Hunt. Next, an unidentified Sergeant and then, in single-breasted stable jacket with a crown on each sleeve is RSM Johnson. An unknown figure is on his shoulder, then, in a pouchbelt is Pte. Long, then Pte. Gardner, an unknown behind him and on the extreme right, also in a pouchbelt is Pte. Dearlove.

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by Stephen Luscombe