Officers c1795

The left hand illustration is by Brian Fosten, taken from a contemporary miniature of an officer of the 14th LD and published in Regiment magazine in 1995. The right hand image is a poor photo of an actual miniature of an officer of the 14th. The period in which this uniform was worn is very short. The orange facings were said to date from 1798 when the regiment became the Duchess of York's Own. She was from the Prussian monarchy which had orange as its livery colour. The Sumner drawings show the uniform as dated between 1793 and 1796, ignoring the orange facings. There is a possibility that the regiment became unofficially the Duchess's regiment after they escorted her to London in 1791. The facings might have actually been changed some time after that. The styles of these officers' coats differ in the shape of the shoulder wing or epaulette, and the braid on the collar. The general style of braided sleeveless jacket worn over a sleeved under jacket was discontinued around 1796 so these officers probably date before that. The other indication is that the powdering of hair was abolished in 1795. The braiding on the two officers' jackets differs in the way the button loops are either left to hang or, as was more usual, crossed over to loop onto the buttons. The colour of the facings is in question; Fosten's illustration shows them as more scarlet while the miniature definitely shows them as orange.

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by Stephen Luscombe