Mounted Officer 1805

The alternative headdress for officers when in dress uniform was the mirleton cap, inspired by German hussars of that time. It was a short lived style and was not worn on campaign. The lace around the cap is probably silver but the cords are a gold and crimson mixture. The long plume is white over red. The officer is facing away from us but we can see that he has sideburns and a long pigtail hanging down his back. The jacket is blue with orange collar and cuffs and silver lace and braid. The lace and cording on his cuff is indistinct but decorative figuring is indicated. The barrel sash around his waist is all crimson with crimson cords and tassels. The artist Robert Dighton has spoiled the white breeches with an ink smudge. The saddle cloth is blue with a gold edge. There is no embroidery on the cloth.

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by Stephen Luscombe