Officer 1821

William Heath produced a small uniform print series in 1821, the size averaging at 3.75 ins x 5.25 ins. Because they were small they could be produced quickly, but at the expense of detail. The colouring is sketchy but that maybe because this particular copy has been treated with little care. The plastron and collar have been coloured orange but the cuffs and the stripes on his pouchbelt have been omitted. The waist girdle has not been coloured but should be gold and crimson. The caplines should be gold. His blue-grey cossacks have a silver stripe which is probably correct. The shako is larger and more imposing than the 1812 version, and the plume is taller, although the red base of the plume has been ignored, as has the gold boss below that. What is useful about this print is the size of the epaulettes which have grown to almost full size since they were introduced in 1812. The shabraque is blue with a wide silver lace edge. There is a scalloped inner edge to the silver which may be orange but is uncoloured. The lettering XIV LD can just be seen in the corner. The white sheepskin has an orange scalloped edge.

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by Stephen Luscombe