Field Day 1860

In this Norie painting the troopers of the 14th are practicing their drills for firing carbines from the saddle. One trooper is using a ramrod and another placing a percussion cap. They still carried the carbine on the right thigh tucked into a small holster and attached to a spring clip on the pouch-belt. In 1866 they were issued with the Snider carbine which was kept in a bucket holster behind the right leg. On campaign the shabraque would not be worn but it is seen here exposed to view as the men are performing for an audience of generals and others, glimpsed in the background. The 14th had been in India since 1841 and arrived in Dublin in June 1860. They went to Newbridge to recruit men and purchase horses. This scene must be in late 1860. They were converted to hussars in August 1861.

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by Stephen Luscombe