Officer's Shako 1856-1861

The 1861 Dress Regulations for light dragoons describe the officer's shako:

Head-Dress - chako body, covered with Paris velvet; height, front, five and a quarter inches; sides, six and three eighths inches; back, nine and one-eighth inches, patent leather sunk top, one inch and one-eighth less than size of head; patent leather five-eighths of an inch band around the bottom of cap, gold inch and three quarters oak band round top of cap; nearly horizontal patent leather three-quarters of an inch gold embroidered peak projecting two and a quarter inches; burnished gilt plain chain three-quarters of an inch wide, with rose ornaments each side of chaco, gilt lion head with ring immediately below gold band at back of chaco; also gilt hook to fasten up chain, front ornament, gilt and silver Maltese cross, with crown above according to regimental patterns deposited. Line. Gold gimp and orris cord, with sliders and olive ends, worn once single around the chaco and round the neck. Gilt plume socket corded ball, with four upright rays. Hair plume standing five inches above top of chaco.

For the 14th a red and white plume was stipulated, although in this example the plume is incorrectly all white as worn by the 13th. This shako has the badge of the 14th on the front.

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by Stephen Luscombe