Arthur Scudamore CB

Arthur Scudamore was a very experienced cavalry commander who spent many years in India. This photo of him in dress tunic and pill-box forage cap is a detail from a group photo of officers of the 7th Hussars taken in India in 1866. He entered the army as a cornet in the 4th Light Dragoons on 29th May 1835 and served in the campaigns in Scinde and Afghanistan in 1839. He was also at Ghunzee. He transferred to the 14th LD in April 1841 and stayed with them for 20 years during which time he campaigned in the Second Sikh War 1848-9, present at Ramnuggar, Chillianwallah and Goojerat where he was badly wounded. He commanded the 14th as a major in the Indian Mutiny in 1858 under Sir Hugh Rose. He was at Rathgur, Barodia, Garrakota, Malthone Pass, Battle of Betwa, Siege of Ihausi, Koonch, Golawlie, capture of Morar Cantonments, Gwalior, and commanded a flying column for 6 months in Ihausi and Gwalior districts. He was mentioned in many despatches, received a medal for Ghunzee, the Sikh War, and a medal for Central India. You can see his medals here He transferred to the 7th Hussars on 8th Oct 1861 and commanded them from 1864 to 1868 with the rank of Colonel. He retired on half pay in 1868 and was promoted to Major-General in 1875 antedated to June 1868. In the UK he commanded 34th Brigade Depot at Exeter in April 1873 and a cavalry brigade in the Dartmoor manoeuvres in 1873. He died in 1880.

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