Dress Sabretache c1805

Sabretaches are not to be found in portraits and prints of officers of the regiment in the 18th century. Dighton's caricature of an officer of the regiment called 'Major Genl O'Loughlin' dated 1801 is the earliest. Edridge drew Colonel Egerton in 1805 showing the back of a sabretache, and his drawing of this young officer c1805 of the 14th shows how low slung the sabretache was at this early stage. The cloth face of the sabretache is dark blue and the broad lace edge is silver with orange edging.' The two devices in the middle are the coronet of the Duchess of York in various colours, and a silver star-shaped badge with a black Prussian Eagle in the middle. The straps are of brown leather with silver edging.

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by Stephen Luscombe