Henry Sarel

Henry Andrew Sarel Started off in the 9th Lancers in 1847 transfering to the 17th as a Captain in 1858. Another captain who joined at the same time, Drury Lowe, rather eclipsed Sarel's career. In 1867 the army list puts him as a 'Major Lieut.-Col.' while Drury Lowe is Lieut.-Colonel and commanding officer. He left the regiment in 1869 and ended up as a Lieutenant General in 1883. This portrait was painted in 1866 and shows the style of tunic adopted between 1855 and 1872 with the half plastron. His whiskers hide his badges of rank on his collar. The buttons have the Motto on them and are arranged in two rows of seven on each side on his chest. The arrangement of the caplines is very clear, the end hooking onto a button when it is not attached to his czapka. His three medals are partly obscured but the middle one is clearly the Indian Mutiny medal with three clasps which he earned whilst in the 9th Lancers.

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by Stephen Luscombe