5th Dragoon Guards

The Boer Point of View

This contemporary illustration by J J Waugh is titled ‘A Charge of lancers from the Boer Point of View’ but is rather too chauvinist for modern tastes. It was probably inspired by this quote by Ben Viljoen who was one of those pursued at Elandslaagte, and who later became a Boer General:  ‘The British lancers were shouting “Stop, stop, you ****** Boers!” ...Revolvers were being promiscuously fired at us....We could plainly hear them shouting “Stop or I’ll shoot you”, or “Halt you damned Boer or I’ll run my lance through your blessed body”...Looking round furtively once more I could distinguish my pursuers; I could see their long assegais; I could hear the snorting of their unwieldy horses, the clattering of their swords. These unpleasant combinations were enough to strike terror into the heart of any ordinary man.’ 

Regimental details

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by Stephen Luscombe