Field Marshal John Louis Ligonier
1st Earl Ligonier KB

John was born on 7th November 1680 at Castres in the south of France, of Huguenot parents. His father was Louis de Ligonier, Sieur of Monteuquet. He had 5 brothers, two of whom fought and died as British officers and a third died as a Lieutenant in the French cavalry. John Louis was promoted to Field Marshal in 1766, the same year that he was created Earl Ligonier of Ripley in Surrey.

He was captured by the French at the battle of Lauffeldt (2nd July 1747). The army was commanded by the Duke of Cumberland and Ligonier commanded the left wing. The portrait here, by Morier shows John Louis in the uniform of the 8th Horse (7th Dragoon Guards) at the battle. He led a charge against French cavalry which at first managed to force the enemy back. He was captured by a Carabinier called Ande who was a man of great integrity because he refused John's offer of his purse and diamond ring to let him go. He was brought before Marshal Saxe and King Louis XV where he was received most graciously.

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