Princess Royal

The Princess Royal was born on 29th Sep 1766. She was the 4th child out of 15 born to King George III and Queen Charlotte. The baby was also named Charlotte but everyone called her 'Royal'. She was not as pretty as her younger sister Augusta Sophia with whom she was unfavourably compared. She was 22 when she received the honour of having a cavalry regiment named after her. The regimental history does not say whether she attended any parades or acted as Colonel-in-Chief. She would certainly have had little to do with the 7th Dragoon Guards after 1797 in which year she married Frederick 1st Duke of Wurttemberg. In 1800 she and her husband fled to Vienna when Napoleon invaded the Duchy. The Duke was forced to become an ally of Napoleon in 1806 and was crowned king in return. Royal was now Queen of Wurttemberg and on the side of Britain's enemies. But this ended in 1813 when Wurttemberg changed sides. Royal died at Ludwigsburg Palace on 6th Oct 1828.

Regimental details

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by Stephen Luscombe