7th Hussars

Henry Matthew Ridley

Henry Ridley entered the 7th Hussars from the Royal Military College. He held the post of regimental adjutant for 5 years and adjutant at the Cavalry Depot for another 5 years. In 1896 whilst the regiment were in Capetown he was part of a detachment of 3 squadrons that was ordered to deal with the Matabele rising. He was second in command of Baden-Powell's column in this operation, commanding various detachments of his own and was responsible for the destruction of Monogola's Kraal with 37 cases of dynamite.

1851 born 2nd Feb
1872 Sub-Lieutenant 27th Mar
1874 Lieutenant 27th Mar
1882 Served in Egypt Expedition, attached to 19th Hussars
1883 Adjutant 25th July until 24th July 1888
1883 Captain 19th Dec
1889 Adjutant Cavalry Depot 25th Apr until 24th Apr 1894
1890 Major 21st Feb
1896 Second in Command 26th June
1896 Operations in Rhodesia and South Africa
1898 Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel 20th May
1899 Retired pay 27th May
1900 Commandant 16th Btn IY

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