Officer's Pouch and Belt c1855

During the period previous to 1855 the tailed coatee was worn with epaulettes, and the pouchbelt and pouch needed to match the grandeur of the uniform. There are no known surviving examples of pouches of the 2nd Dragoon Guards from c1820 to 1855 but the Ackerman print of 1852 shows a gold embroidered black velvet pouch which accords with other heavy cavalry pouches. When the uniform changes began in 1855 the heavy cavalry discontinued the expensive gold embroidered pouch and adopted the style used by the light dragoons. The example in this photo is the new pouch attached to the old belt, worn in the transition period when the regiment changed to the tunic. The pouchbelt has the black velvet edges of the former uniform's facings, but the new tunic had buff facings, and belts bought by officers would have had the buff edge. The buckle tip and slide are of the simple burnished gilt type which they retained for the next 100 years.

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by Stephen Luscombe