Private's Coat 1747

The photos of this coat which was exhibited at Edinburgh Castle were published in the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research vol XV. Percy Sumner wrote about it and said that the date of 1747 was established because the cuff design conformed to Morier's painting of a private of the Duke of Cumberland's 15th Dragoons which existed from 1746-8. The coat is a dark shade of red with a red collar. The cuffs and skirt turn-backs are very dark blue. There is a red shoulder strap on the left shoulder, and on the right shoulder a white worsted aiguillette with tassels on the ends. The left-hand photo shows the sleeve folded up to allow us a view of the false pocket flap with six buttons and loops. The button loops are formed from stitched white thread. The coats were replaced every few years so the amount of hand-stitching needed to keep just one regiment going is mind-boggling. The waistcoat is blue. The reason that the button loops look so fresh on the waistcoat is that it is not an original item, but a reconstruction.

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by Stephen Luscombe