Privates 1813

The uniforms of the cavalry changed radically in 1812. The Prince of Wales had ruled as Prince Regent since 1811 and put into effect his ideas on military uniform. He was heavily influenced by the foreign armies of Europe, and the heavy cavalry were ordered to wear Roman style helmets, instead of the bicorn hat, and simplified jackets. The Greys however, continued to wear the bearskin cap, this time with a chin-strap to keep it on the head. The jacket had no visible buttons down the front and was secured with hooks and eyes. There was broad yellow tape down the front, and along the hem and skirt edges. The blue collar had the same tape on each side, left open to show the black stock worn round the neck. The sleeves of dragoons were pointed whereas dragoon guards had gauntlet style cuffs. His straight sword was slung from a white leather waist-belt, accompanied by a plain black leather sabretache.

The figure in the background gives us a view of the back of the bearskin cap. It has a red patch with the White Horse of Hanover. The pouch-belt with the clip for the carbine is slung on his left shoulder although the carbine is strapped muzzle down to the front of the saddle. Both men have blue saddle cloths edged in yellow and it seems that this was worn not just in review order, as the background figure is wearing grey overalls as for campaign or exercise.

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by Stephen Luscombe