Captain 1814

This portrait of Captain Henry George Barnard of the Scots Greys was painted by W Owen RA in 1814, showing the uniform worn by the regiment at Waterloo. The jacket is referred to as a 'Scarlet single breasted collet, fastened down the front with hooks and eyes.' The collar, cuffs and turnbacks are blue cloth (velvet for dragoon guards). The cuff is pointed, edged with the 2 inch gold lace. This is called train lace and has a central blue stripe. There are twisted gold cords on each shoulder. He has an undress white leather pouchbelt which supports a black leather ammunition pouch. In full dress a gold laced belt was worn, the lace being similar to the train lace on the jacket.

The waist-belt is also a white leather undress belt but with the dress plate on the front which is gilt with silver GR cypher, crown and laurel wreath. This belt supports the straight sword and has two white slings to hold the undress black leather sabretache. The sword-knot is white leather with a gold and crimson tassel, This was worn on parades but a plain white sword-knot was worn on campaign. In review order the officers wore white buff leather breeches and boots but normal wear was grey casimere overalls, sometimes leathered on the inside leg. There was a scarlet stripe down the outside. He wears short gloves but gauntlets were worn in dress uniform.

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