Various Caps 1815

The bearskin caps worn by the officers of the Greys are at the top of the illustration. The plaited cords are decorative only and tie on the right side with tassels. The cords are gold with a crimson fleck. The front of the cap has a gilt plate with the Royal arms, and the chin-scales are gilt. The back of the cap has a red circular patch with a White Horse of Hanover badge, presumably embroidered. Officers also had a silver thistle badge just below the red patch. A white feather plume was worn on the left side. The other ranks' bearskin cap on the lower part of the illustration is protected by a foul-weather oilskin cover. The undress forage cap in the middle has a red cap-band with a white vandyke pattern, worn on forage caps by the Greys for 200 years.

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by Stephen Luscombe