Mounted Sergeant 1832

This anonymous painting of Sergeant Wallace in Edinburgh Castle is worth study even though the uniform is seen clearly in the Drahonet painting of the same year. The horse furniture is well drawn so that we can see details of the bridle and saddle with the rolled red cloak on the front and red valise on the back held on by three straps. His uniform has gold lace on the collar and cuffs, and brass shoulder scales. His rank stripes would only be shown on the right sleeve, barely visible from this angle. The bearskin cap has a white plume that issues from a brass flaming grenade badge. In the Drahonet paintings of the sergeant and private neither of them are wearing sabretaches, perhaps because they posed in dismounted parade order. But this mounted sergeant has a plain black leather sabretache suspended on two white leather slings. The officer in the middle distance also has a black sabretache on two slings although the rest of his uniform seems to be full dress, with gold laced pouch-belt. The other difference between this painting and Drahonet's sergeant is the fact that he is armed with a carbine.

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by Stephen Luscombe