Officers in Undress 1838

The officers and men parade in undress at Pheonix Park, Dublin, in this painting by John Fernley Senior, dated 1838. The commanding officer, Charles Wyndham, is in dress uniform on the right and the mounted officers in dark uniforms are in forage caps and frock coats. They have ornate gilt shoulder scales and gold laced sword belts although the 1834 Dress Regulations stipulate a white leather belt. There are embroidered gold grenade badges on the collars. The forage caps have gold cap-bands 1.75 inches wide, not a zig-zag pattern as was worn later. The other ranks are in red waist-length stable jackets which have dark blue collars. Their caps have a red cap-band with a white zig-zag. There are two officers of the Royal Horse Artillery in fur busbies and white plumes.

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by Stephen Luscombe