Farriers 1838

The artist Michael Angelo Hayes painted many scenes of life in the Scots Greys. This one painted in 1838 show the inside of the forge where the farriers worked. The man at the anvil has an undress cap which is blue with a red cap-band that has a white zig-zag, and has a red tourie on top. His trousers are dark blue with a yellow stripe. He is being watched by another farrier in the middle of the group who wears a blue undress jacket with red collar and pointed cuffs. He and another man also wear the undress cap. The sleeves of his jacket display large horseshoe badges. The other figure has a dress coat with yellow lace on the collar and sleeves. The two figures on the right are a private and a trumpeter. The private with his back to us shows that the black ammunition pouch has an Eagle badge. The trumpeter has brass shoulder scales with a fringed edge. Other paintings by Hayes show the trumpeter with an aiguilette on the right shoulder but they are not visible here. He does not wear a pouch-belt, and his plume is red. The paintings of this period confirm that the brass or gilt plate on the front of the bearskin had been discontinued.

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by Stephen Luscombe