Field Day c1868

The artist Orlando Norie painted the Scots Greys as they trained in the countryside in Ireland. The men in the foreground appear to be skirmishers, firing in their own time and re-loading, while the remainder of the regiment wait at the top of the rise. Two officers behind the skirmishers are identified by the red and black horsehair throat plume on their bridles, and the absence of the strap for a haversack which the men have on their right shoulders. All ranks are wearing booted trousers which have leather around the ankles and up the inside leg. These were replaced by knee boots and breeches in 1871. The bearskins have the white plume on the left side, slightly curved over the top. Behind the officers is a trumpeter who has a red plume curving further over the top of his bearskin.

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by Stephen Luscombe