On the March 1881

This Norie painting of the Scots Greys on the march can be dated after 1881 by the gold shoulder cords of the officers riding at the front of the column. The rank badges are on the shoulders instead of on their collars. They are in marching order, and wear white belts instead of gold. The swords and sabretaches are suspended from the waist-belt worn outside the tunic. The bridle throat plumes and shabraques were not worn in marching order and it seem that the officers did not have a valise on the back of the saddle, although the man behind has the red end of his valise showing. This man seems to be a trumpeter but the plume on his bearskin is white, not red. The men wear white canvas haversacks over their right shoulder, which with the pouch-belt being on the left shoulder gives the impression of cross-straps. The Greys were in Ireland at this time, half way through a four year posting.

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by Stephen Luscombe