Officer's Charger c1883

The horse furniture of the Greys officer's horse is shown clearly in this anonymous painting. The date is unclear but the red valise attached to the back of the saddle indicates an early date in the post-Crimea period. Shabraques had fallen out of favour in the heavy cavalry prior to the Crimean War, especially for other ranks. But they were introduced in the 1860s for all ranks. By the 1870s only officers' horses wore them on dress uniform occasions, and they remained until c1898. The cypher on the front parts is Victorian and the crown on both front and rear parts is Guelphic. This design with its Thistle badge stayed unchanged from c1860 to 1898. After 1898 only the black sheepskin with a red edge was used. The brown leather bridle has gilt regimental embellishments on the brow-band and the bit, and a special thistle shaped socket for the red and black horsehair plume.

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by Stephen Luscombe