RSM, Dress Uniform 1895

The Regimental Sergeant Major in this photo is RSM George Duncan who was also photographed for the Navy and Army Illustrated 31 Jan 1896. In that photo he wears breeches and boots but here he has close fitting blue trousers with a yellow stripe down the side. With this was worn ankle boots and spurs. His scarlet tunic is without pockets and has a blue collar and cuffs. The collar has gold cord around the top, front and bottom. His shoulder straps are edged in gold, and the pointed cuffs have a gold cord Austrian knot. The rank and file had yellow cord. On his right arm can be seen, just above the Austrian knot, a silver Eagle badge and above that an embroidered Victorian crown, being his badge of rank. The white leather waist-belt is fastened with an S-shaped snake clasp and the sword is slung from white straps of equal length attached to the belt by brass buckles. The scabbard has fixed rings on either side, just below the sword hilt. The photo of him mounted shows him with a different scabbard, similar to the officers' with swivel rings placed so that a long and short sling are required. Ranks below RSM Duncan had their swords fixed to the saddle.

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by Stephen Luscombe