Undress Parade 1895

This detail of a photo taken in 1895 shows the front rank of a squadron of the Greys armed with lances which were introduced in 1892. In front of the parade are officers and warrant officers mounted with swords drawn. The officer has a sabretache and throat plume while the warrant officer beyond him has his sword attached to the saddle. They all wear undress red frock tunics with dress breeches and boots. The officers had yellow stripes on their breeches instead of the gold stripes worn prior to 1893. The straps supporting the sword and sabretache are attached to a web belt worn under the frock. His pouch-belt is the white undress version but with the silver dress pouch. All ranks wear the pill-box forage cap with zig-zag cap-band, gold for officers and WOs, white for the men. The photo was published in the Navy and Army Illustrated 20 Dec 1895 with a caption that states that their grey horses were the gift of William III for good service in Flanders.

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by Stephen Luscombe