Wet Weather Capes 1896

This sketch was probably made by J Hoynck, a Dutch artist who worked for the Graphic in the 1890s. It is taken from a Godfrey Brennan's collection of Scots Greys images. Also in the collection are copies of pencil drawings made from life by Hoynck at Hounslow on 21 Sep 1896. They show mounted men of the Greys wearing short capes like this. One drawing shows the cape buttoning at the front. This monochrome print has been coloured in by Brennan to show that the capes were blue with a red collar. Most of the figures are troopers with lances, which were introduced in 1892. The leather loop attached to the lance went around the right arm of the trooper but this had the effect of pulling the cape up at the back as can be seen on the right-hand figure. In the right foreground is an officer who also wears a similar cape.

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by Stephen Luscombe