Officers 1903

The officer on the left wears a blue frockcoat with black flat braid across the chest, on the cuff, collar and at the back. This style of frockcoat was replaced by a plainer type a few years later, certainly before 1907. His peaked forage cap is in the modern stye, having replaced the pill-box shaped cap. It has a white zig-zag cap-band and a regimental cap badge on the front. In the summer months a white cover was worn on the upper part as seen here. The central figure is a captain in dismounted review order, wearing a tunic that has become out of date. In 1902 the ranks of officers were no longer shown on the cuff ornamentation. All ranks had the single Austrian knot like the tall junior officer in the background. The sabretache was discontinued in 1902 and he has a sword only suspended from his hidden waist-belt. On the right is an officer in blue serge undress frock with embroidered thistle badges on the collar.

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